by Fernando Perdomo



First single from the forthcoming album "Backlog" .. older songs recorded on Analog equipment at Reseda Ranch Studios.. Sometimes was written in 1997 .. 20 years ago ..



You are like a friend
But deep inside a Judas
You cut so deep
you penetrate my soul

You stimulate my mind
And cut me up in side
Everything applies
You've crossed the line

There's no need for explanation
When the Fighting's Through
Sometimes I loose my patience
Frankly I've got better things to do

You know this had to come
Everything is done
I hope we had some fun
I didn't how bout you?

Nothing left to say
Excuse me if you may
There's no need to stay
I'm in your way



released January 3, 2017
All instruments and vocals by Fernando Perdomo
Recorded on a Tascam 424 bounced into Pro Tools.. 12 tracks total

Pro tools was used as a premixer for drums and as a way to get my good preamp into the tape machine for my vocals and guitars..



all rights reserved


Fernando Perdomo Los Angeles, California

Being one of Miami’s most respected and talented musicians, Fernando Perdomo brings undeniable artistry to the compositions and performances that comprise his solo project “Home is Wherever You Are”


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