1. Searching For Myself

  2. Aura : The Acoustic Guitar Collection

  3. No Hace Falta

  4. The Crimson Guitar

  5. Tomorrow Never Knows (feat. Gregg Bissonette)

  6. Smile (Feat. Grimes Ai)

  7. Home (feat. Starman AI)

  8. Wynwood Sessions EP

  9. Live at the Hotel Cafe Vol 2

  10. Bang The Drum All Day

  11. Broken Sound
    Broken Sound

  12. We Were Raised With Headphones On (Live At The Hotel Cafe)

  13. Sea Birds

  14. Out to Sea 5th Anniversary Performance

  15. Broken Sound

  16. Love Alone
    Fernando Perdomo feat. GLASYS

  17. Away From Me
    Broken Sound

  18. She Likes Running
    Broken Sound

  19. Thank You

  20. After All

  21. Cause We've Ended As Lovers

  22. The Kiss

  23. Covers

  24. All For Leyna
    Life Boat

  25. You're The Storm
    The Long Goodnight

  26. Ram On The 50th Anniversary Tribute to Paul and Linda McCartney's RAM

  27. Madge
    Life Boat

  28. So Many Galaxies (Dedicated to The James Webb Telescope)

  29. Jangle

  30. Only Love Can Break Your Heart

  31. Brainbow

  32. Out to Sea

  33. Out to Sea 2

  34. Out To Sea 3 .

  35. Out to Sea 4

  36. Open My Eyes (Featuring Cait Brennan)

  37. Someone/Anyone? A 50th Anniversary Tribute to Todd Rundgren's Something/Anything?
    Various Artists

  38. Sure As Gold (Tribute to Norman Houlder)

  39. Crestfallen

  40. Lisa, Listen To Me

  41. Fernando Perdomo's Createreon Vol. 1

  42. Breathless feat. Jordan Rudess

  43. Some People Never Know (feat. Adrian Bourgeois)
    Denny Seiwell and Fernando Perdomo

  44. Rev On! (feat Ken Sharp)

  45. Maybe Tomorrow

  46. Day After Day

  47. Yammering Snout
    Yammering Snout

  48. Stairway To The Sea (Stairway Studios Version)

  49. Welcome To Stairway Studios (Vocal Version) feat. Ken Sharp

  50. Welcome to Stairway Studios

  51. Bedspring Kiss
    Fernando Perdomo's Mellotron Orchestra

  52. Woman

  53. Sticking To Guitar

  54. Bliss Ascending

  55. Aura

  56. Careless

  57. Play

  58. Couldn't I Just Tell You

  59. Harry
    Fernando Perdomo's Mellotron Orchestra

  60. For Alfred.

  61. Fake Smiles.
    Kingsley and Perdomo

  62. Farewell To Paradise

  63. TRGTR: The Music of Todd Rundgren

  64. Stars

  65. 1833

  66. Zebra Crossing

  67. Starcaster

  68. Lake Placid Blue

  69. Winter Melodies
    Jesse David Corti and Fernando Perdomo

  70. Good Songs (The Songs of Salem Al Fakir)
    The Long Goodnight

  71. Do Ya Think I'm Sexy (Reggae Version)
    Carmine Appice and Fernando Perdomo

  72. Maple Highway Jam

  73. She's Gone
    Fernando Perdomo and Vincent Cuevas

  74. Live From Lonely Town

  75. The Leo August Album

  76. I'd Have You Anytime

  77. Yacht

  78. The Golden Hour

  79. Voyeurs

  80. Fernando Perdomo Has Lost His Voice

  81. Warm

  82. Home Is Wherever You Are

  83. Sequoia

  84. Love Is All Around

  85. Rich Girl

  86. Can't Stop Running

  87. I've Been Waiting for You

  88. Crazy Eyes
    fernando perdomo

  89. Great Divide
    The Long Goodnight

  90. Can We Still Be Friends?

  91. Gymnopedie No. 1 (Jazz Version)

  92. Upside Down

  93. Smoke

  94. Home Is Wherever You Are (feat. Everett Kelly)

  95. Song of Joy

  96. Winter Melody
    Jesse David Corti and Fernando Perdomo

  97. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
    Durga McBroom and Fernando Perdomo

  98. A Circle Appears To Guide Me.

  99. Faraway Friend (For Peter)
    The New Empire

  100. Open Sound
    Open Sound

  101. The World's Greatest Mother

  102. Day Is Done (John Prine Cover)

  103. The Architect Single
    Fernando Perdomo's Out To Sea Band.

  104. Kissing a Smile (feat. Chloe Dolandis)

  105. California Moon (feat. Pat Sansone)

  106. For Neil (tribute to Neil Peart)

  107. Release

  108. tom

  109. This Isolation
    Leo August

  110. Fade Out
    Leo August

  111. Words Fail

  112. Picks

  113. Dances With A Mysterious Blonde

  114. Postcards From Reseda

  115. Live At The Hotel Cafe

  116. Song for The Soul

  117. Three Chords and a Bunch of Lies

  118. For Dan (dedicated to Dan Warner)

  119. MXR Blue Box

  120. Day of Birth (Revisited)

  121. Noyz 2 Men

  122. Bruce Palmer

  123. The First Song/The Last Song

  124. Reflections Of My Life (for Dean)

  125. Out to Sea 2 Suite

  126. Present

  127. Better Than I Used To

  128. Out Of Our Hands
    The New Empire

  129. Wind Farm

  130. Find Love (Hold On) feat. Dr. Danny, Megan Zeankowski, and Ken Sharp

  131. All I Wanna Do

  132. Henry's Lens (tribute to Henry Diltz)

  133. Smile (Abbey Road Version)

  134. Throwback

  135. Find Love (Hold On) demo

  136. The Architect (Tribute to Peter Banks) Live at The Shack
    Fernando Perdomo and The Out To Sea Band

  137. The Golden Age Of The Jazz Fusion Major Label Record Deal

  138. Starless (for John and Mom)

  139. Everything That Is Sustainable
    Fernando Perdomo's Gizmotron Orchestra

  140. DNA

  141. Ardent (The Acoustic Record)

  142. Where Are We Now?

  143. Burned Out Heart and Other Assorted Breakup Songs

  144. Waltz For Doug

  145. Girl With a Record Collection (With Dreaming in Stereo)

  146. Sometimes

  147. The Angels Of Ardent

  148. Bigfoot On Fairfax

  149. Our Land First

  150. Dreams

  151. Dreaming In Stereo (Extended Edition)

  152. The One You Run To (Acoustic)

  153. Dreaming in Stereo Single (Girl With a Record Collection/Damaged)

  154. New City

  155. The Third Man Record Booth EP

  156. This Can Be You
    Fernando Perdomo Band

  157. Love Is A Journey

  158. Feels

  159. Hurricane Jane

  160. ORBITS

  161. Bustelo

  162. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town (Mellow Surf Version)

  163. Immortal


Fernando Perdomo Los Angeles, California

Fernando Perdomo is a powerhouse of the LA music scene who lives and breathes music. The LA Weekly dubbed him “The millennial answer to Todd Rundgren”. He has made a name for himself as an in-demand Producer, Singer/Songwriter, and Multi-Instrumentalist.
Perdomo released his 5th studio album "The Golden Hour" in 2017. His debut instrumental Prog rock album, "Out To Sea" is available now.
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